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The most stupid comment on a digital picture camera

It's on BHPhoto. I was lookin for a new Fuji S1800 and one of the few comments against it i pasted bellow. I'm trying to believe this a true post, because all the users have to be registered but I can't figure how someone could behavior like this. Please take a look. I added some comments in red.

José Roitberg - journalist

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 Not the zoom I'd wanted (Why in the hell shee bought a superzoom 18x optical camera, 28-504 mm...)
By womanNshadows from Charlotte, NC on 4/7/2010
Pros: Nice Body Color (Cant beleive it. The camera is plain black as most of the others...)

Cons: Complicated controls, Need to use a tripod, Poor Image Stabilization (less buttons that most os cameras, specifically good for night shots, has optical and electronic image stab... Impossible to have other system...)

Best Uses:Sports/Action, Weddings/Events, Wildlife photos

Describe Yourself:Casual Photographer (may be a more like a no photographer...)
Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend (tks... we never intended to be friends of you...)
Comments about Fujifilm S1800 12.2 MP Digital Point and Shoot Camera:

My older digital is failing and I wanted a nice little camera with a quick zoom. The Fujifilm S1800 is a beautiful camera, but it was not what I wanted. There were many ways to set up shots and I am sure in the hands of a more capable person, it would be fine. All I wanted was the zoom without having to spend a fortune.

I take photos of the full moon each month to give me that tangible connection to Heaven. (ok, ok... this amazing woman take pictures of Heaven...  And her old camera was ok! You have to have really a big zoom to do this... But why she minds that the moon conect her to Heaven? Keep Reading)

My husband died 14 months ago on the night of a full moon and I simply wanted a little camera that had a good zoom. (you certainly have our sympathy about your loss. But why do you thing he is in the Moon)

This Fujifilm S1800 was too complicated for a simple step outside to shoot the moon. (With no camera you will able to shoot the moon. None of regular cameras have a zoom suited to bring the moon to all the size of the picture, and if you cannot do with a 504 mm super stabilized 12 mp I don believe you got good pictures before.)

It does have a wonderful screen though and it was hard to have to reject it. But I did send it back and am considering other camera options. (we loved your decision so a human being will get that camera as used one and cheaper, unffortunatelly I'm not this one)

REMARK TO MANUFACTURES: As you noticed you are losing time and money not offering cameras capable to shoot the Heaven. But I am pretty sure that a camera to shoot the Hell will sell really more.

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