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Windows XP And The VGASave Service

Windows XP And The 'VGASave' Service

My P4HT on a Asus Board was running very well on XPSp1. When I update to XPSp2, the updater in actualization mode simply was unable to install AGP driver. Only this. The other mainboard drivers went ok. So I finished with VgaSave, that is a great solution, as you can use your computer without appropriate video drivers. I tried your solution and others for some FAQs, but none worked for me. The keypoint is AGP driver absent and blocked for reinstall from Asus original installation disk. No way to install it. Monitor driver was also uninstalled and blocked for installation.

So, one FAQ show me the way to right-click MY COMPUTER, then MANAGE, then DEVICE MANAGER at the left. But the FAQ was already wrong as it said to try to install the video card at VIDEO ADAPTERS at the right, where the VgaSave was placed. If you do that, you will only go to blocked properties on VgaSave. And you already know that it is impossible to do anything at advanced video properties while VgaSave is active.

Looking down I went to SYSTEM DEVICES and searched for "VIA CPU to AGP 2.0/AGP 3.0 controller". That's it! This is the controller that SP2 actualization mode skipped. Of course the properties said "uninstaled driver". From there was simple and straight forward: PROPERTIES, DRIVER folder, UPDATE DRIVER button, and select BY DISC. Voila... Just search for the adequate file at WIN2000/XP drivers folder at ASUS original mainboard disk, and this time, system recognized the driver and installed it with no frills. A "restart" message appeared. System restarted, PNP found new hardware (geforce4 mx400) and installed appropriate drivers automatically. A click on "video properties" show now everything that was absent in place, including the right monitor configuration as nothing had happened.

Two hours to solve the puzzle. Now a less than 3 minutes procedure for you.

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